Stainless Steel for Europa

The brand name norinox connects the NB Norder Bandstahl GmbH with her international representations

Please choose a representation near to you:

Map capabilities

  • Provides a control to show all the attributions associated with the layer sources in the map.
  • Provides a button control to reset rotation to 0.
  • Provides a button that when clicked fills up the full screen with the map. When in full screen mode, a close button is shown to exit full screen mode.
  • Provides a button, one for zoom in and one for zoom out.
  • Create a new control with a map acting as an overview map for an other defined map.
  • Allows the user to zoom the map by scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • Allows the user to rotate the map by clicking and dragging on the map when the [ALT] and [SHIFT] keys are held down. This interaction is only supported for mouse devices.
  • Allows the user to pan the map by dragging the map.